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I don’t have anyone and I keep trying. I have no one to talk to anymore because no one wants to listen so I end up talking to myself because deep down that all I have is myself trying to get through each day. Everyday is same routine tho and I can feel myself falling apart. I keep trying to look for answers but it just leads to a dead end. I keep asking myself what’s next where can I go but its never good. Every time I think things are changing or are good it really isn’t and I end up letting myself down. I’m really confuse frustrated and sad and its all tearing me apart. I wish I could be happy all the time but really its impossible. I also wish that I could find people that want to listen or talk to me for a change because I can’t take being alone much longer. Everyone avoid, ignores, or lie to me and I end up doing things by myself once again. I don’t won’t to be alone tho it feels like that is what my future is. I pray for that I won’t end up being alone. But that all I have is wishes and prayers. I hope things will change for me because I don’t want to have these tears in my eyes anymore.

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